To get involved in FEMPAR, please proceed to the GitLab repository.

Although FEMPAR is open source software, the Git repository above is still private. There is still a lot of documentation to be developed. Thus, it is hard to get started into the code without our direct support. By now, we only open it to our direct collaborators for specific developments of the library we are particularly interested in. If you are interested in contributing to the code, we have a list of developments projects, or let us know about any other developments you propose. In these cases, we can give you access to the repository and allocate some of our time for mentoring.

In any case, we have recently finished a very thorough presentation of the software abstractions within FEMPAR, which will be an unvaluable resource for future FEMPAR developers. You can find the article in the ArXiv repository

In the near future, we will provide documentation and a set of tutorials to easily get started with code and make the Git repository public.